Terms and Conditions

We will make every effort to keep your information and details secure and will not retain any personal information about you other than the information used to build the website or produce the materials you ask us to produce.

We do not carry out mailings or share your details with third parties.

If you decide to cancel our service we will make every effort to support your move to your new provider and/or delete all materials from our systems.

We will require all invoices to be paid within 14 days. We retain the right to add 5% to late invoices once a month has passed. Should payment not be received within two months we reserve the right to close your website or recover any materials that have not been paid for.

Life can be difficult for new businesses so if you do run into any problems we would prefer you talk to us rather than let invoices accrue. We are happy to discuss payment plans.

We want to work with you to make sure your business is a success but we accept no responsibility for business failure nor do we promise business success. A website is just one step along the journey. A website has to be promoted and we are happy to help you with that but you need to make sure your clients and potential clients know how to find you.

We too are a small business and we know how hard it can be to achieve success. Good luck with your business, together we are stronger and together the world is not such a lonely place.